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sábado, 25 de janeiro de 2014

Earn free bitcoins

  1. hello guyes here i am going to post a method by which you can earn bitcoin without mining
  2. just click on the link and complete the registration and start earning
  3. First:
  4. create a bitcoin wallet here:
  5. second:
  6. Register:
  8. you can earn more bitcoin then click on multiply bitcoin can set thePAYOUT MULTIPLIER on 49X
  9. press ctrl+shift+j (f12) and past the given code in the console
  10. and do not close the tab
  11. It continuously increase the bit coins
  13. for best work use crome browser
  15. var minValue=1E-8,maxLoss=10000000000000,aimedProfit=10,maxOps=500 000000000000,endResult=0,ops=0,bet=function(a,b,c) {$.get("?op=double_your_btc&m="+(b?"lo":"hi")+"&st ake="+a+"&multiplier=2&jackpot=0",function(d){d=d. split(":");$("#balance").html(d[3]);c(a,b,"w"===d[1])})},martingale=function(a,b,c){c||a>=maxLoss&&0!= =maxLoss?(b=!b,newValue=minValue):newValue=2*a;end Result=c?endResult+a:endResult-a;console.log((c?"+":"-")+a);ops++;(ops<maxOps||0===maxOps)&&(endResult<a imedProfit||0===aimedProfit)?bet(newValue,b,martin gale):
  16. (console.log("Martingale finished in "+ops+" operations!"),console.log("Result: "+endResult))};martingale(minValue,!1,!1);

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